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Focus on Customer Objectives – Empower Associates to Deliver – Dedicated to the Success of our Clients

The OnSite Media team represents a tribe of like-minded professionals dedicated to earning the trust of our market leading clients. We work closely with our customers, partners, and team of integration specialists to predictably deliver compelling solutions designed to engage and delight.

Our Mission

We want to use ingenuity and innovation to leave an indelible mark on the evolving Digital Multi-Media / IT / Software market. We will excel by leveraging our People, Process and Technology platforms to innovate and collaborate with clients and to implement their vision for unique on-premise engagement solutions.  We stop at nothing to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. 

One Team, One World

As our clients seek to flourish by conquering new markets in new geographies, OnSite Media stands shoulder to shoulder with them to consistently deliver across the globe. Our highly experienced teams have successfully managed thousands of projects for large scale clients needing to engage ever-growing customer and partner networks all around the world.


We believe making strategic investments in our People, continual Process improvement and cloud-based Technologies provides us a competitive differentiation. Coordinating these three pillars of success allows us to consistently deliver intelligent solutions for our global client base.


Brian Van HeckePresident, CEO

Brian has spent the last 25+ years innovating in the Audio Visual space. After getting his MBA from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill he headed to Park City and co-founded SoundTube Entertainment. Subsequently, he spent 10 years at Bose helping clients deliver groundbreaking solutions on a global basis. After a brief time at Mood Media, he decided to launch OnSite Media. The simple goal now is to develop long-term relationships with clients by continually delivering game-changing solutions that drive their businesses. Today Brian leads a team of AV – IT – Software enthusiasts dedicated to staying at the forefront of digital engagement innovation.

For the creator who seeks to make something new, something better, something important, everywhere you look is something unsatisfying. The dissatisfaction is fuel. Knowing you can improve it, realizing that you can and will make things better—the side effect is that today isn’t what it could be. You can’t ignore the dissatisfaction, can’t pretend the situation doesn’t exist, not if you want to improve things. Living in dissatisfaction today is the price we pay for the obligation to improve things tomorrow. –  Seth Godin


OnSite media has set the bar for standards in all areas of our operations

and we continue to strive for recognition for excellence by the world’s foremost certification institutions.