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Introducing OnSite Media Studio

What can strategic thinking plus endless creativity really do for your business?  OnSite Media Studio brings your vision for in-store engagement to life — bold and bright — with the latest in digital technology and design.

The creatives at OnSite Media Studio provide a range of design services, tailored to the needs of your business and your audience.

Roll out the red carpet and help your client make a lasting impression with a striking lobby welcome sign. Carefully crafted according to corporate brand guidelines, OnSite Media Studio designs lobby signs that will seamlessly blend with its surroundings and facilitate directional needs, corporate messaging, and internal communications.

With the rising demand for touch enabled hardware and BYOD, the need for engaging interactive content has expanded from mobile devices to include displays as well. OnSite Media Studio provides you and your customers with a truly engaging interactive experience.

Digital Menu Boards allows diners and owners ultimate flexibility. Schedule breakfast, lunch and dinner menus and bring the power of smart, sophisticated signage to bear! Update pricing and menu items on-the-fly. More fully feature high-margin selections that drive REAL profitability for your store operators. OnSite Media Studio brings animation, motion and the right call outs to the screen for your business.

Click here to watch the OnSite Media Studio’s 2017 Show Reel of Animation | VFX | Motion Design. 


Today we’re sitting down with Kirk of the OnSite Media Studio team to learn a bit more about their design philosophy and culture of creative collaboration.

Kirk, what is your role at OnSite Media Studio?

“I am part of an amazing collective of talented individuals who are committed to our clients and their success! As the principal interface with the client, it’s my job to listen, and ensure we follow through on our commitments. From graphic artists to programmers to UI and UX professionals, we see each project through to completion.”

What is your favorite part of the creative process, and what is the most challenging?

“We love working with clients on all aspects of the creative process — we do our job best when we spend our time listening carefully, clarifying expectations and delivering on time and on budget.  We are successful ONLY with clients are ecstatic about results they achieve.”

Can you tell us about your most exciting project to date?

“Our most exciting project was undoubtedly a 42 screen video wall in the heart of a major metropolitan city in the US.  Delivered on-time and under budget, it remains a central attraction to the city and client to this date.”

What words do you live by? 

“Team first!”

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