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From Boutique retailers to large chain stores we provide custom music programming.

In crafting your sound we first develop a music concept, a unique collection of songs that define the core elements, from which the playlist evolves.

OnSite Media & CrowdTunes

CrowdTunes in partnership with OnSite Media is the developer of an audio delivery service (music and messaging) for businesses. The platform that delivers the service consists of the in-store media Player and a server side application suite. The Player has an embedded system with no user serviceable parts and contains audio files that are played through analog (RCA) or digital (S/PDIF) outputs on a pre-programmed basis. The server applications consist of a number of databases and web interfaces for the uploading, scheduling and provisioning of audio to the Player as well as a web-service interface that the Player communicates with directly for updates and to provide log files that detail Player operations.



OnSite Media & CrowdTunes offer you convenient and customized solutions with

hardware support services that can be integrated into any project.

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