Poly HDX Ceiling Microphone - "Primary" - microphone

Poly HDX Ceiling Microphone - "Primary" - microphone

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Poly HDX Ceiling Microphone - "Primary" - microphone Part #: 2200-23809-002


Main Features

  • "Primary"

  • Microphone

  • white

  • for SoundStructure SR12; SoundStructure C-Series C12

  • C16

  • C8; HDX 40XX

  • 7000

  • 8000

  • 9000

Polycom's digital microphone array is the audio pickup device for video conferencing systems on the market that offers consistent, reliable, 360-degree voice pickup in 22 kHz StereoSurround audio! When paired with a Polycom HDX video conferencing system, the audio pickup and delivery is unmatched.

That's why Polycom offers the easy-to-mount ceiling microphone array. It eliminates conference table clutter and stays out of the way of pencil tappers, while providing the same clear, crisp sound as the tabletop microphones. Unobtrusively, the microphone elements are located in the room while the electronics are mounted above the ceiling tile, so you don't even know it's there. This is ideal for video conferencing and applications of all kinds, in all environments from small to large classrooms and conference rooms.

The ceiling microphone array is designed to eliminate acoustic noise coming from the ceiling, while boosting sensitivity gain even when the speaker is directly beneath the microphone.


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