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At the Convergence Of  
AV – IT – Software

OnSite lives at the crossroads of Industry Leading Audio Visual Design, AV-IT Systems Integration and Innovative Software Solutions that propel industries forward. OnSite Media designs, integrates and supports leading edge multi-media systems to immerse target audiences in each of our clients’ unique brand experience.

We partner with market leaders in Audio, Video, Content Delivery and Controls to assure we continually spark innovation with every client conversation.  OnSite leverages a proprietary cloud-based project management platform to assure client solutions are delivered around the clock around the world.  Our dedicated teams support all client solutions ensuring consistent predictable performance and long-term return on investment.



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“LOVE that this could be handled via a phone call. Need more solutions like this! That’s why I prefer OnSite Media! “
Chris, Brio Restaurant
“OnSite Media coordination is timely and like clockwork.”
Christian, Forever 21
“I really do appreciate all that you guys do for us here. I have no doubts about the level of service we can expect from you and your team. I’m confident that you guys will manage to keep his stress level at a minimum.”
Christian, Forever 21
“Thank you very much for following up with this. I value the customer service that you and the team have been giving us!”
Joe, Patagonia
“Thank you very much for the update! You and OnSite Media have been very professional with this install and I appreciate it very much.”
Joe, Patagonia
“Thanks for the outstanding, personal service Brian… I’m happy to speak of my relationship with you and the excellent service received from OnSite Media.”
Mark, Deckers Outdoor
“Now that’s what I call service! Excellent feedback and much appreciation. Thanks again!”
Donna, Spencer's Gifts
“Everything sounds and looks great so far! We will let you know if we have any further questions about the sound. Thanks again for a smooth install.”
Kat, Kit & Ace
“Well congratulations and yet another validation for the great execution you guys deliver. Great work and definitely proud of you guys, you’re good for the industry.”
John, Bose
“OnSite Media did a great job of coordinating to have someone come out and fix up our sound system. Very professional.”
Adam, YogaWorks