4 Digital Signage Strategies for Restaurants

4 Digital Signage Strategies for Restaurants

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With ever-evolving technology, digital signage is setting new standards in the restaurant industry. From placing orders to overall customer experience, digital signage help restaurant managers make the best use of resources. 

Today, most restaurants use digital signage at a basic level – to inform guests what’s on the menu. However, there is much more you can do with your restaurant’s digital signage.

With the right placement and strategy, digital signage can help restaurants to discover exceptional marketing benefits and stand out from competitors in the marketplace.

Here are 4 strategies restaurants should consider while using digital signage technology.


Did you know that:

  • 40% of customers say that a bad “waiting” experience can ruin a restaurant’s reputation.
  • Perceived wait time is reduced by as much as 35% by digital signage.

An entryway offers the first impression of the restaurant and a holding area if guests need to wait for a table.

Thanks to digital signage, restaurants can significantly transform waiting in line, a time that is usually unpleasant for a customer, into a more worthwhile experience. Places, where customers linger, can provide prime opportunities to display relevant and eye-catching content and improve customer satisfaction.

Content consideration for the waiting area via digital signage includes:

  • Restaurant Menu
  • Introducing your staff
  • News & weather
  • Movie trailers & teasers
  • Live TV channels

To sum up, digital signage provides a great opportunity to transform a waiting area into an entertainment experience for your customers.


Leverage digital signage to promote discounts on certain menu items your restaurant wants to sell fast. Let your customers know that you offer reduced drink prices during certain times or kids-eat-free programs on specific days.

Design dazzling content for upcoming offers using eye-catching visuals. Showcase exotic meals, mouthwatering desserts, or delicacies that will entice customers to place more orders at the last bite of their meals.

You can go further and build a loyalty program via digital signage technology.


Displaying a restaurant’s social media profile or photos can be another tool to entertain and engage your customers. Showcasing Facebook/Instagram business pages on the screens can enable free marketing for your restaurant that comes directly from your guests/followers.

Thanks to digital signage, it is becoming very easy to collect, curate, customize, and display social media walls that include posts with hashtags, mentions, tags, URLs, etc.


Collaboration is an important part of any successful business. While using digital signage, restaurants can sell advertised space to non-competing businesses such as vendors, suppliers, and partners. If you’re not comfortable displaying other brands on your digital signage, you can also offer the space for free promotions for those who pay something in exchange for added value or discounts on their offerings. It would be a win-win situation for both parties. This allows restaurants to make a small profit from the business’s advertising, while genuinely showcasing content that provides beneficial information to the audience.

With all the technology revolution and a new generation of tech-savvy customers, digital signage becomes a must-have for every restaurant.

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