AV Industry’s Upcoming Trends

AV Industry’s Upcoming Trends

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Virtually Connecting

Upgrading and adding AV equipment for live streaming, recording, and video conferencing will be critical in the coming months. Since the pandemic, the number of full time employees has tripled making virtual meetings, conferences, etc. more necessary than ever but the office isn't the only place where people need to connect virtually. Students are remotely learning, places of worship are offering live and recorded services and physicians are seeing patients through solutions of telemedicine. Whether we like it or not, connecting virtually is here to stay.

Efficiencies of Installation

AV products that are designed for simple, trouble-free installation have always been popular so what makes today’s situation different? The demand for fewer installers, less installation time, and reducing call-backs is at an all time high as we need to minimize the likelihood of exposure for both integrators and on-site personnel. What was once merely a convenience has now become a safety requirement.

Management via Remote Access

Remote-management-capable equipment enables staff to support equipment from a central location, rather than walking or driving to where the equipment is located. This setup is practical, saves time, labor, and reduces non-essential presence in workspaces.

Social Distance Assisted by AV

The best example of AV-assisted social distancing is the use of large format projector screens to convert a gym or cafeteria into a room that can accommodate a large number of people while still providing enough space for social distancing. Certain AV technologies like sensors and automated triggers help to reduce the shared affected surfaces and maximize AV experience. Digital signage also plays a role here by communicating recalls and sharing important health protocols in retail areas and office buildings.

Bottom Line

Whether it's digital signage, videoconferencing, live streaming, and hybrid learning, OnSite Media strives to enhance the AV experience with solutions that connect people.

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