Benefits of ALR Screens

Benefits of ALR Screens

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Are you trying to figure out if you should make the switch to ALR screens? Well, look no further as we have broken down the top reason why ARL screens are better than the standard projector screens available on today's market. 

Believe it or not, ALR screens work even when there is uncontrolled ambient light in the room. The detailed clarity of the ALR screen splits up the light of the projector from the incoming light making ambient light issues a problem of the past. ALR screens are also able to maintain image contrast in the large spaces. Using an ALR screen, you can ensure that light coming from your surroundings won’t mess up the image contrast, color saturation, and image dynamic. 

Tech savvy professionals can easily expand their product portfolio and installation opportunities by providing ALR screens since you do not have to conceal or control with these types of screens. This main feature of ALR makes it possible to preserve the projected image quality without any extra work.

ALR screens match 16K resolution i.e., 15360 × 8640, which doubles the width of approximately 8,000 pixels. An ALR screen fits your needs for up to 16 '(4.9 m) high seamless offerings.

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