Bose Adds Four New Pendants to DesignMax Loudspeaker Product Line

Bose Adds Four New Pendants to DesignMax Loudspeaker Product Line

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FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — April 29, 2021 — Bose Professional today adds four new pendant loudspeakers — the DM3P and DM5P loudspeakers, the DM6PE outdoor-rated loudspeaker, and the DM10P-SUB subwoofer — to the celebrated DesignMax loudspeaker range. Ideal for open-ceiling installations, each unit is attractively designed with sleek aesthetics and provides a recessed single-point suspension system, enabling hardware to be kept out of sight, and a service loop to be held and hidden for easy access in the future. 

Bose loudspeakers have been trusted by system designers and installers for years for delivering premium audio experiences for commercial sound installations. From retail stores to restaurants and hotels to convention centers, the DesignMax family offers a complete loudspeaker collection that delivers instantly impressive sound anywhere — with rich lows and clear, intelligible highs — both indoors and outside. 

First introduced in 2019, the DesignMax family includes coaxial two-way loudspeakers and subwoofers with in-ceiling and surface-mount models available — plus high-SPL compression-driver options, compact models for tight spaces, and various IP55-rated outdoor options. All models deliver impressive performance with no DSP or EQ required. They can also be paired with select Bose DSPs and amplifiers to enable Bose loudspeaker EQ and SmartBass processing, expanding performance and response at any listening level.

“Our latest additions to the DesignMax family deliver instantly impressive performance alongside the adaptability and style needed to blend into, and enhance, a variety of indoor and outdoor commercial spaces,” comments Andy Kyte, product manager for Installed Sound for Bose Professional. “From concept and design to installation and operation, these four new models have the features, aesthetics and flexibility to deliver easy installation and great performance — making every phase of a project more successful and leaving guests and clients more than satisfied with everything they hear and see.”

The DM3P, DM5P and DM6PE pendant loudspeakers all feature the Bose Dispersion Alignment system, ensuring a consistent listening experience throughout the room by matching the coverage of the woofer to the pattern of the tweeter.

The DesignMax DM3P pendant loudspeaker
With coaxial two-way drivers, the 30-watt DesignMax DM3P features a two-way 3.25-inch woofer and 0.75-inch coaxial tweeter mounted within the Bose Dispersion Alignment system. Delivering a frequency range of 75 Hz – 20 kHz. 

The DesignMax DM5P pendant loudspeaker
The new 60-watt DesignMax DM5P is a coaxial two-way pendant loudspeaker with a 5.25-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter mounted within the Bose Dispersion Alignment system, delivering a frequency range of 65 Hz – 20 kHz. 

The DesignMax DM6PE outdoor-rated pendant loudspeaker
The 125-watt DesignMax DM6PE is a coaxial two-way pendant loudspeaker and is IP55 outdoor-rated. It features a 6.5-inch woofer and 1.25-inch tweeter mounted within the Dispersion Alignment system and delivers a frequency range of 62 Hz – 20 kHz.

The DesignMax DM10P-SUB subwoofer
Completing the new additions to the range, the DesignMax DM10P-SUB subwoofer adds stunning bass for use in a wide variety of commercial installations. The 300-watt model features a 10-inch woofer with a 40 Hz – 125 Hz frequency range.

With the addition of these four pendant models, system designers and installers can now choose from a total of 16 DesignMax products to curate complete, tailored solutions for background and foreground audio applications. Installation of every model is made simple too with industry-standard accessories and Euroblock connectors; in-ceiling models include plenum-rated backcans, tile bridges and front-access audio wiring making fitting and troubleshooting seamless. 

Every member of the DesignMax family features minimum-bezel grilles, removable logos and an attractive design allowing users to blend the product to any décor. Each loudspeaker is available in black or white and is paintable. The DM3P and DM5P are available to ship in most regions. DM6PE and DM10-SUB availability to follow.

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