Challenge Exists But So Do Solutions

Challenge Exists But So Do Solutions

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Challenge Exists But So Do Solutions

Is it us or are you also noticing a constant increase in shipping times when placing orders? It doesn't seem to matter if you are ordering an essential item (toilet paper anyone?) or digital signage for your store front there is always a delay. Shipping hold ups stretch from docks to rail yards, distribution centers and truck terminals, leaving everyone from big name retailers and manufacturers to local boutiques short of supplies resulting in longer lead times compared to the past 16 months. This trend won't be ending anytime soon so it’s imperative to understand and plan ahead for this hurdle. 

In the past 12 months, 57% of businesses experienced longer lead times that they were not prepared for which in turn negatively affected their bottom time. Fuel prices are also on the rise resulting in freight forwarders increasing their pricing policies in order to meet current demands. Not accounting for long lead times, at least an additional 8+ weeks, will result in higher costs in shipping.*

In order for your business to meet deadlines and keep shipping costs within reason you need to start working with integrators sooner than expected. You also need to ensure your integrators have effective ecommerce shipping strategies that streamline the shipping process in order to avoid delays and allow for faster delivery times. 

Here are a few ways we ensure our client’s order ship in a timely cost effective manner and still meet target dates.

  1. Priority on products with all our partners (Bose, Samsung, Harman, Creston, etc) - our partners will fulfill our orders before the public's

  2. Multiple fulfillment centers - using more than one shipping courtier is necessary so that we can ensure the quickest and most cost efficient option is available for you

  3. Integrated data sharing with our shipping partners - using automated processes such as pre-filled customs documentation and automatically generated shipping labels minimize downtime

  4. Purchase orders and shipping email confirmations - take the guessing work out of the equation by getting email confirmations on your placed order, updates on the shipping journey and more**

  5. Dedicated tracking URL - not only will you be notified throughout the shipments voyage but you will also get a tracking URL to verify our communications**

Our team is always here to strategize with you on how to best manage timelines, mitigate shipping delays and meet your deadlines at a reasonable price. Contact us today at 435-214-0801, ext. 1 or via email at 



** If applicable