Collaboration in the Post Covid World (Part 2)

Collaboration in the Post Covid World (Part 2)

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Contactless Teamwork 

The AV/IT industry went back to the drawing board as soon as the global workforce was sent home to work to create or re-engineer products and solutions to allow a completely touch less world. Ceiling speakers, microphones, and PTZ cameras, which were already on the market, became highly sought after. Companies whose employees were considered critical immediately turned to AV integrators for assistance in keeping employees safe.

Battery Plants During Covid

In Aarschot, Belgium, the Duracell plant is a high-speed manufacturing facility covering more than 42,000 square meters, where five hundred workers manufacture high performance alkaline batteries for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With Covid and the accompanying limitations on how many do business—including social distancing—many firms, including Duracell Aarschot, acknowledged that workers cannot function remotely because production on the plant floor must continue. Unfortunately, face masks and social distancing build obstacles to contact and protection on an already noisy floor. With that in mind, Duracell has used Listen technology for the installation of its ListiTALK mobile two-way contact device to help reduce most communication difficulties. Now with the touch of a button, a sleek, portable transceiver (combination transmitter/receiver) allows mobile group contact, enabling frontline teams to keep a safe distance while still doing the work necessary to keep the world going.

The entire unit, headset and plate can be sanitized and disinfected between applications, thus preventing viruses and bacteria from spreading. "ListenTALK is easy to use and creates no conflict with our networks. Wouter Tielemans, director for the global operations of industrial technology in Duracell, expressed satisfaction at the findings. Surprisingly strong is the intelligibility to speak — allowing direct contact between workers on the manufacturing floor."

Space for Innovation and Inspiration 

The co working Lounge Tessinerplatz in Zürich, Switzerland, has over 500 square meters of floor space, and provides enough space for creativity and inspiration. It is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, including the DSP matrix and proprietary beamforming technology TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone array.

The microphone array, with its 28 pre-polarized electret condenser capsules, covers the entire room, regardless of where the meeting participants choose to sit. Its unobtrusive presence contributes to the tidy nature of the work environment: microphones do not cover the speakers' faces during videoconferences, and desks are not cluttered with microphone units and stands.

Interaction with the side-mounted line array loudspeakers occurs without input, and speech intelligibility is often characterized as excellent by videoconference participants. With hygiene being a major concern these days, the ceiling-mounted TeamConnect Ceiling 2 does not need constant cleaning as table microphones would, and the fact that it reliably covers the entire room without needing to be readjusted enables participants to sit at the recommended distance from each other.

“The Sennheiser Ceiling microphone was suggested to us as the benchmark for conference room audio,” explained Fabio Donnaloia, co-founder of the Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz. The speech quality is excellent, and it completely meets the high demands that we have at Tessinerplatz for our top management clients. Sennheiser's TeamConnect Ceiling 2 features cutting-edge digital technology. It is easy to use and has a pleasing appearance.”

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