Da-Lite Announces its First Battery Motor Electric Screen Option

Da-Lite Announces its First Battery Motor Electric Screen Option

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Da-Lite is pleased to announce the launch of its Agility™ Battery Motor Option with the new Tensioned Designer Contour and Designed Contour – a ceiling or wall-mounted electric screen. Available in diagonals up to 110" in 16:9 HDTV format and 113" in 16:10 Wide format, this motor option is ideal for no-fuss installations or where flexibility is required to retrofit buildings.

This screen option features a lithium-ion battery, lasting over 200 cycles on a single charge via micro USB port, with wireless handheld remote operation and up to 16K-ready screen surfaces. Realize cost savings immediately as it's operational out of the box - requiring no wiring or electrician.

“We are excited to be able to supply an alternative for challenging wired screen installations. The Tensioned Designer Contour and Designer Contour with Agility Battery Motor option provides customers flexibility in installations such as historic buildings, where running conduit may be challenging or environments when wiring electricity becomes project prohibitive. Additionally, no electrician is required for installation, as the screen is operational out of the box, so there’s no down time, no waiting and no visible wires,” said Wendy Cox, Director of Product Management.

A Wifi Bridge accessory allows for wireless connection to a mobile app where the screen can be controlled up and down as well as battery life indication. It also enables control through a third-party device.

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