Digital Signage 101

Digital Signage 101

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Digital Signage has redefined the way organizations interact with customers, employees, and partners. With advances in audio-video quality, high bandwidth networks, and simplified deployment software, retailers, restaurants, corporations, schools, hospitals and visitor bureaus can all deliver real-time personalized content designed to inform and engage specific audiences at specific times. Any network of high definition displays can be programmatically managed and monitored to assure maximum uptime and performance against specified goals. At the convergence of AV, IT and Software are unique opportunities to distinguish brands and their interactions with target audiences.

Below are some basic tips to think about when designing your digital signage. 

  1. Make sure your product is the main focus. You need to draw the customer in by showcasing your offering.
  2. Explain your service and your product’s specialty. Present a problem that your product or products can solve.
  3. Entertain your viewers - make sure your signage draws the customer in by using enticing colors and animations. 
  4. Don't be shy, share client testimonials - encourage customers to buy your product by displaying user experiences and reviews.

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