Digital Signage and the Future of Upcoming Building Trends

Digital Signage and the Future of Upcoming Building Trends

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Shopping centers have undergone a transformation from simple collection of stores to well-planned community destinations. Digital signage plays a vital role in this transition. It can generate additional revenues from advertising, complementing the operator's main revenue from rents. It offers pertinent information on activities, promotions,  stores openings and much more.

How can Digital Signage help increase foot traffic? 

After more than a year of lockdowns and limited access to stores, retailers feel the increasing pressure to restore traffic inside their physical locations. In person shoppers are needed more than ever to maintain brand loyalty and increase revenue. Window-facing digital signage is the most effective and economical way to bring shoppers back inside. Larger displays in varying sizes offer a better reach beyond the immediate vicinity of the storefront, say many retailers.  

How has online shopping changed the way retailers should conduct business in order to stay competitive?

Retailers understand that online shopping does not negate the need for physical retail, it actually supplements it. Digital signage can help fill this gap by providing key data and a comprehensive understanding of their customers. Some locations are moving to a "hybrid" environment that allows local brick and mortar locations to maintain more inventory.

Does digital signage have a role to play in smart cities?

Digital signage can be a great facilitator between the public and city services. Cities can easily bring their communities up to speed on local events and news. The public is also able to interact with the city, such as directories, apps, and contacting emergency services when needed. With the right approach, digital signage can provide timely communication about the city.

What do you need to keep in mind as an integrator in case the signage is in outdoor/ high brightness environments ?

Digital signage is only effective and engaging if it can be seen. Display brightness is a critical factor in any application that will see direct (or even indirect) sunlight. With brightness levels as high as 5,500 nits, DynaScan high brightness displays are specifically designed to be clearly visible in direct sunlight without sacrificing color quality. With weather resistant IP ratings built directly into our full outdoor displays, we have given our integration partners one less thing to worry about.

How can municipalities generate additional revenue from the use of digital signage as part of a smart city strategy ? 

Most smart city digital networks include a revenue-sharing element from advertising. Cities have been experiencing a decrease in tax revenue such as sales and hotel taxes. Digital signage offers a positive win-win solution for both the city and struggling businesses.

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