Interactive Tables to Engage the New Gen Customers

Interactive Tables to Engage the New Gen Customers

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A shift is taking place with a new generation of guests who not only expect a 5-star meal and service but also a digital experience to go with it.

Interactive tables are one of the most cutting-edge technologies in the restaurant industry. They bring an innovative approach, enabling features that make the experience more engaging for guests and profitable for operators.

Why should  Restaurants Invest in This Technology?

In the age of mobile, tablets, and social media, it’s not surprising that menu applications paired with multi-touch tables and kiosks, create an amazing customer experience for restaurants.

There are many reasons why touch tables are becoming the leading technology for restaurants:

  • Easy access to ordering, resulting in higher sales per table
  • Reduce operating costs with printed menus/promotions
  • Reduce service time and waiting time for guests
  • Manage staff efficiently
  • Full info on the cuisine within a single touch (history, ingredients, calorie info, etc.)
  • New interactive advertising opportunities and promotions
  • High engagement and customer connection with the Brand

How Does It work?

First of all, an interactive table is a great substitute for traditional menus. All orders are automatically recorded and sent directly to the kitchen from the table. This is the equivalent of multi-touch ordering kiosks that are popping up at international major fast-food locations. Restaurant owners can eliminate the need for paper menus, which makes updating menu items simple and cost-effective. Rather than having to purchase and print new menus, operators can simply go into the system and manually make the changes or schedule them to be implemented at a later date.

- designed to withstand heavy usage

Though the concept of the interactive table may seem intimidating, they are very much designed to withstand heavy usage with long life spans. Protected with impact glass and fully sealed to prevent the invasion of liquid (that Happy Hour margarita), interactive tables are made for reliability and durability.

- equipped with a variety of apps

Multi-touch interactive tables are also equipped with a variety of apps that include social media, web browsing capabilities, and even games that people are most likely to download on their mobile devices and tablets.

It can also distinguish the subtle differences between finger interactions and contact with various objects such as glasses, plates, and utensils. The touchscreen is sensitive enough to render quick responses to intentional touches and smart enough to recognize unintentional touches, so kitchen managers don’t have to worry about accidental orders. The margin of error on these devices is extremely reasonable and it can immediately determine when you intentionally touch certain objects.

Features of  interactive tables:

  • Ultra-high 4k resolution for crisp and clear image display that improves visibility
  • In-depth sensors that recognize hand touches versus contact with inanimate objects
  • Multi-touch capabilities to allow multiple users to place orders at the same time
  • A durable multi-layered diamond glass that provides exceptional layers of protection against potential damages
  • Object recognition that distinguishes the size, shape, and weight of various objects that are placed on the surface of the table

 What else?

The table features do not end here, interactive tables allow customers to pay too. It uses a contactless payment technology and customers can use their smartphones or tap and pay credit/debit cards to make simple, safe payments. The table interacts and connects with customers uniquely.

Touch tables are currently the most effective source of competitive differentiation that meets the high expectations and demands of the next generation of customers.

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