Mind that Distance

Mind that Distance

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Innovation has been critical in keeping people safe and socially engaged. Digital signage has played a key role for businesses who want to expand their markets while keeping social distance in mind. Take a look at two examples below. 


Neoti offers a wide range of direct-view LED displays that have remained relevant throughout the pandemic. Outdoor restaurant display was possibly the most relevant display type during the pandemic. With many restaurants now offering drive-through or curbside service, large and daylight-viewable displays are improving the efficiency of the drive-through experience. 

Many products on the market identify as "outdoor,” but let’s break down the various definitions of, “outdoor.” Most companies suggest that the display needs to be IP56 certified with a minimum of 2,500 nits to ensure visibility and protection against dust and water during the peak daylight but Neoti's high-resolution LED displays offers brightness levels over 3,000 and 4,000 nitres, and IP ratings that are as high as the IP65. Restaurants with Neoti’s outdoor displays offer a great way to communicate with customers and to experience a touch-less dining experience.


Businesses now more than ever need to look into incorporating new solutions to ensure the health and safety of workers and customers, Digital signage solutions can help emphasize safety protocols and help businesses remain open in the light of changing safety and health standards.

Integrating facial recognition software is also useful today in determining whether an employer is wearing a facial mask, but this technology might lead to other positive experiences in the future, such as identification of a frequently used shopper and helping her to find a way into her favorite shop section. In the end, digital signage technology can help maintain a connection and information between both end users and the company.

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