Peerless-AV Launches SEAMLESS Connect Series dvLED Mounting System

Peerless-AV Launches SEAMLESS Connect Series dvLED Mounting System

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Peerless-AV® Launches SEAMLESS Connect Series dvLED Mounting System for Absen Acclaim Plus and Pro Series New Connect Series model is a stocked in channel, 1:1 modular solution, allowing freedom of video wall design for corporate boardrooms, hospitality lobbies and retail environments.

AURORA, Ill. – October 1, 2020 – Peerless-AV®, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of the highest quality audio and video solutions and accessories, presents the latest addition to its SEAMLESS mount line-up with the new dedicated Connect Series dvLED Mounting System, offering a truly stockable solution for the channel.

The first model to be introduced in the Series is designed specifically for Absen’s Acclaim Plus and Pro Series Direct View LED Displays (DS-LEDM-A27). The new SEAMLESS Connect Series Mounting System for Absen offers the flexibility to be installed in any configuration (landscape, portrait, or 45 degree angles), meaning creative designs such as mosaics, columns and ticker tapes can be achieved. Featuring a slim, space saving design, the system also offers depth adjustment, precision mount spacing, easy-hang hardware and a robust steel frame for a quick and easy install.

“With the launch of our Connect Series, we have created the perfect environment for dvLED in distribution. The unique 1:1 capabilities of the Connect Series make quoting and ordering flat-to-wall dvLED projects lightning fast, accurate, and simple. For each tile ordered, a Connect Series mount is ordered thus replicating what integrators and installers are used to from LCD video wall deployments,” said Nick Belcore, Executive Vice President, Peerless-AV. “Along with our SEAMLESS dvLED Video Wall Integration Program, Peerless-AV is leading the way with a high-quality new option for dvLED installations, accommodating the entire range of projects from a simple, flat 16:9 to complex and intricate custom deployments across the SEAMLESS dvLED mounting range of products.”

The new DS-LEDM-A27 model in the SEAMLESS Connect Series includes the following features:

  • Stockable 1:1 modular solution for quick order fulfilment
  • Mount displays in landscape, portrait or 45 degree angles to achieve creative installations
  • String alignment feature simplifies the vertical plane alignment process
  • Gently install displays on the mount with the included interface bobbins
  • Fold away tabs provide precision display alignment and fold out of the way when not being used
  • Fixing points allow the connection of multiple mounts at one time
  • Create a flat plane, regardless of wall imperfections with depth adjustment from the front or back of the mount
  • Dimensions are 24.60" x 14.09" x 1.88" – 2.23"

Along with the new dedicated Connect Series is a new accessory, the Universal Trim Kit (DS-LEDTK). This sleek accessory is designed to cover the unsightly sides of dvLED displays and give the video wall a completely finished appearance. The Trim Kit’s universal and depth adjustable design attaches to the wall, allowing it to go all the way around the border of any video wall that is 3.5" to 5.9" deep. The Trim Kit also comes in multiple size options (5’, 6’ and 8’ long) and can be cut to length in the field, providing a custom fit to the specific video wall being installed. This accessory is lightweight and easy to install, providing installers with a simple solution to create a SEAMLESS dvLED video wall. In conjunction with this launch, Peerless-AV also offers start to finish support through the SEAMLESS dvLED Video Wall Integration Program, incorporating an expert in-house team and specialist project execution, to ensure every customer receives optimal product support and service.

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