Review: Peerless-AV Universal Outdoor Digital Menu Board

Review: Peerless-AV Universal Outdoor Digital Menu Board

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The Peerless-AV Universal Outdoor Digital Menu Board brings the eye-catching simplicity of outdoor menu boards and signage to the masses. This universal mounting and display system is both simple and durable. As expected, it will support the Peerless-AV Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Displays (XHB553), but it will also support other displays from other manufacturers, such as the Samsung OHF Series (OH55F) and LG XE4F-M Series (55XE4F-M).

The versatile system is available in a single (KOF555-1), double (KOF555-2), or triple (KOF555-3) configuration with a single base and has several available options. In any configuration, this unit makes for a simplistic design. It has a standard 8-inch mounting pattern on the base with rotation, so it will match any standard outdoor base.

Upon close inspection, it’s clear the unit is well built. You’ll find all the expected features including an all-weather rating, UL certification, textured powder coat paint, security screws, and solid metal panels. The rear access panel allows for easy installation of the optional accessories, including the UL-rated electrical box, media shelf, and storage fan.

The speaker and microphone kit is an easy add on. It includes a speaker and microphone system, but it also accommodates most major drive-thru speaker systems.

One thing that stands out with the design is service. Should any issues arise with the displays themselves, the design allows for easy service from the front without disturbing the adjacent displays. From an installation standpoint, this system can be easily and quickly installed by two people.

The Peerless-AV Universal Outdoor Digital Menu Board is a great product for outdoor signage. It is impressive, robust, and simple. These offer great flexibility and value to any client looking for maximum impact at their business. Paired with the Peerless-AV outdoor displays they make for the perfect combination of a quality display and robust outdoor installation.