Sharp NEC Display Solutions Enhances Digital Cinema Viewing Experiences

Sharp NEC Display Solutions Enhances Digital Cinema Viewing Experiences

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Upgraded Laser Module:

The new NC2003ML and NC2043ML projectors round out the company’s NC2000 Series of modular cinema projection solutions, helping achieve greater operational and organizational efficiencies to deliver the next-level viewing experiences that today’s audiences demand.

Modular Light Source:

Allows exhibitors the ability to swap the laser modules between projectors and theaters, helping support the need for 2D or 3D content. They also feature RB laser technology (coupled with phosphor) to produce a virtually speckle-free image. This alleviates the speckle concerns found with RGB technology while providing similar benefits at a lower cost.

Cost Effective + Reliable:

The projectors by design are environmentally friendly, requiring minimal maintenance thanks to an innovative long-lasting laser light engine that eliminates the need for costly lamp or filter replacements. Considering their reliability, this results in significantly lower total cost of ownership, decreased maintenance, and low power consumption.

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