Shure Adds ADX5D Portable Receiver to Axient Digital Wireless Line

Shure Adds ADX5D Portable Receiver to Axient Digital Wireless Line

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The What: Shure has debuted the Axient Digital ADX5D Portable Receiver, a dual-channel, portable wireless slot receiver that provides advanced RF performance, spectral efficiency, and transparent audio quality.

The What Else: ADX5D’s true digital diversity technology helps mitigate the potential for signal fades or interference that can cause dropouts. It also supports wide dynamic range, AES-256 encryption, and 2ms latency from the mic transducer to the analog output. A wide tuning band provides reliable operation in nearly any environment.

ADX5D functions as an on-the-go wireless receiver, and can slot inside and connect directly to the audio inputs of a professional broadcast camera, enabling streamlined connectivity of the two devices. The portability also provides convenience and flexibility, especially for film and TV sound mixers who often have discrete powering, audio-routing, and/or RF-distributing gear in their portable recording bags.

Broadcast, electronic news gathering, and film production crews can take advantage of Axient Digital’s software capabilities that facilitate production with limited staffing. ADX5D incorporates ShowLink, which is unique to Axient Digital, and allows for real-time control of all transmitter parameters, interference detection, and avoidance. Designed for remote, hybrid, or on-location sound environments, ShowLink makes it easier to use backup frequencies and provide remote control directly to the linked transmitters. Compatibility with Wireless Workbench supports control and configuration, optimal spectrum management, and frequency coordination.

ADX5D fits into the entire Axient Digital ecosystem and complements the existing solutions in Shure’s expansive portfolio, including AXT600 Spectrum Manager, Wireless Workbench, and all Axient Digital transmitters, including ADX1M Micro Bodypack.

“We designed the ADX5D Portable Receiver to incorporate the same innovative wireless technology that Axient Digital is known for, all in a portable form factor for professionals in the field or on the go,” said Nick Wood, senior wireless category director at Shure. “We took the time to ensure this new addition to the Axient Digital family exceeds the rigors of everyday use and lives up to Shure’s reputation for quality that we’ve earned over the past 96 years.”

The Bottom Line: ADX5D was designed to translate the Axient Digital line into a portable option. ADX5D is well suited for environments like sports and events broadcasting, electronic news gathering, film and episodic television, and electronic field production.

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