Spicing Up Your Digital Signage

Spicing Up Your Digital Signage

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Looking for ways to spice up your digital signage to make it less boring but don’t know where to start? Here are a few easy ways you can elevate even the most generic content.

More is More

The simplest way to ensure that your digital signage grabs consumers attention is to add more content. The more content your signage has the better! If your display only shows one or two pieces of content, you might as well have bought a static paper banner. With several pieces of content that shift on a daily basis, consumers are more likely to see something that pulls their interest. 

Having a ton of content is not enough though, you also need to update your content on a regular basis. If you continue to showcase the same content month after month then you are bound to lose the consumers' attention. Content must be important, relevant and useful. Content about last month’s sale that is no longer going on isn’t going to do you or the consumer any good so be sure to post a variety of content and update it often. 

Audio is Key

Don’t limit your digital signage to only cater to the consumer’s eyes, try drawing in the consumer through their eyes and ears. Start experimenting with adding audio into your digital signage by including music videos or including promotional messages. When creating this new element in your ads be sure to consider where the signage will live so that your audio enhancement doesn’t backfire by being too loud or distracting. 

Entertain First then Sell 

Digital signage is more than just a promotional tool, it is also a way for you to communicate with the viewer. If your digital signage only pushes a product and or service then customers will eventually tune out. You must keep the customer entertained all while educating them on your product or service. There are many cheap and easy ways to do this nowadays. For example, TikTok videos can be easily recorded on your phone, reach thousands of potential customers and cost almost nothing to produce or post. 

You already know your audience, now you just need to continue to grab their attention by offering lots of new content often, adding in an audio aspect and also include an entertaining factor.

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