Spread some holiday cheer with digital signage!

Spread some holiday cheer with digital signage!

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The holidays are one of the most eagerly anticipated periods, especially for the retail sector. Digital displays really come to life at this time of year, offering more glitter than an average Christmas tree. By leveraging eye-catching dynamic signage, you will see additional sales and enhance the sense of celebration.

According to Edison Research, 9 out of 10 people said that they pay attention to the illuminated and digital signage throughout the mall during the holiday season. This statistic confirms that digital signage becomes a strong influencer on consumer purchases, especially during the festive season.


Digital signage with holiday graphics is part of a larger branding strategy that keeps the in-store environment fun, festive, and aesthetically engaging for shoppers. Using screens as the display, digital signage can support a carousel of custom images and messages played on a loop or broadcast as a single, high-quality graphic.

LED video walls can help retailers communicate, entertain and even educate their customers. Because of their size and clarity, video walls have a WOW factor that makes them very effective, especially during the holiday season.

Projection can be used in a myriad of ways to elevate in-store installations with a little personalization and interactivity. Storefronts have always been a significant marketing opportunity for the winter holidays, and projection technology has grown with the development of commercial displays to create fantastical installations for visitors to enjoy.

You can go further and create some Christmas magic with 3D Holograms. The HYPERVSN  innovative 3D solution displays eye-catching 3D content using four rotating LED-based rays. This creates the impression of a hologram floating in mid-air.  3D Hologram with custom Christmas content will ultimately grab the attention of your shoppers, drive audience engagement and build a strong emotional connection with your brand.


Digital signage with holiday content set the tone for how the customer perceives your store and enhances their experience in it.


The adage is still true, content is king. If you have poor content on your digital signage, you will lose a huge opportunity to connect with your customers.

Feature special deals: Christmas is a time when people are looking for gifts for their loved ones. They’re also looking for good deals on those gifts. If you can provide that to your customers, they’ll be more likely to visit your store and buy what they need from you. With a wide range of digital signage solutions, you can easily advertise any sales or discounts that you may be running. You can also use them to promote products that would make great Christmas gifts. This will help draw attention to your store and get more people through the door.

Highlight key products: Not everyone has the same shopping list for Christmas – some people know exactly what they want while others are still browsing around for ideas. Try to create targeted content by placing digital signage in different parts of your store.

Create a cohesive story: If you have more than one screen, whether that be in the form of a video wall, collage wall, or single screens throughout your store — each display should be talking to one another. While working on some Christmas-themed content, don’t jump from one screen to another – instead, create storytelling that will enhance your brand.  

One more recommendation is to focus on interactivity. Interactivity is key to engaging shoppers while making their experience as seamless as possible.

Updating your content and keeping it relevant to the 2022 Christmas holiday season promises to enhance engagement with your brand. The content needs to align with your brand and the look and feel of your décor. The great thing about digital signage is that it can take your static or physical displays and bring them to life via animated content.


Of course! With the right placement and strategy, digital signage can help the retail sector discover exceptional marketing benefits and improve customer in-store experience.

Digital signs that welcome customers at the store entrances and display specials close to the entrances can be helpful in getting visitors off to a positive start. 

Everyone knows, that waiting in line to check out during the holidays always takes longer. No one likes waiting in line during the holidays with so much else to do. Stores can keep customers from getting frustrated during popular store hours by installing a digital signage display near the checkout. You can play a holiday movie to get them in the mood or a music video to distract them from their wait.

Another perfect location for your digital signage is a storefront.  Digital window displays facing the outside of the brick-and-mortar store catch the eye and draw in customers from the street. Display the latest sales or in-store happenings to let people walking by know they should stop in. Since digital displays move and change, they capture the interest of people passing by both physically and visually to pull them into your store.

If you already have digital signage in-store, be sure you're using it to your advantage over the upcoming holiday season. With good content, interactivity, and targeted messaging, you'll be sure to engage consumers, stand out from the crowd and drive sales. If you still considering – hurry up, so you don’t miss the opportunity to provide shoppers with what they want - an engaging experience that empowers them and allows them to drive their own in-store experience with digital signage.

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