Structured Cabling Advantages for IT + Telecom

Structured Cabling Advantages for IT + Telecom

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With its transition to digitalization and expansion across various business units, the digital revolution in IT & telecommunications has taken a new leap forward. One of the main drivers of this leap is the digitalization of IT & telecommunications companies' channels, content, customers and competitors.

Here are a few reasons why structured cabling is here to stay.

  1. Structured cabling can support digital transformation initiatives by delivering different components, such as connectivity hardware, panels and fiber optics. This type of support allows for a smooth deployment of the latest networking technologies and is one of the main reasons why many companies adopt structured cabling solutions.

  2. The industrial revolution 4.0 is growing worldwide. The development of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and its potential advantage in boosting productivity and profitability is now something everyone knows about, even those who live in developing countries. The burden of managing a complex IT and communication infrastructure is also so overwhelming that traditional point-to-point cabling systems will become extinct soon. Additionally, the increase of the ‘more devices, fewer wires’ trend is also expected to escalate the demand for cabling in IoT systems.

  3. Most companies use structured cable systems because they are cost effective. Their simple and organized structure can significantly reduce the cost of power and maintenance for all businesses. This also helps to reduce location and correction costs.

  4. Reduced downtimes are one of the greatest advantages for structured cable solutions. Traditional variants run the risk of someone accidentally pulling the wrong cable, which then can cause a network to go down. Such downtimes not only result in a reduction in productivity but also the potential loss of valuable data.

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