The Future is Touchless

The Future is Touchless

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With Covid becoming more and more under control we are starting to re-enter the outside world. What aspects of our pre-Covid life will stay the same and what will change?  As with any major financial crises, natural disasters, and societal developments, innovation and transformation are always close behind. One major revolution that is here to stay is a more touchless world.

For example, let’s take a look at quick service restaurants (QSR). OSR’s have transformed the entire eating experience by making ordering, menus, payment, and pick up all a touchless experience. With indoor dining only recently becoming an option to diners, the demand for drive-thru take out has skyrocketed. However, this increased demand also has its drawbacks. Long lines in the drive-thru have resulted in a poor customer experience and the potential loss of sales opportunities. 

One recent study found that using digital menu boards, which reduces throughput by 12.3 seconds, can result in approximately $28,000 in savings per site. That is almost equal to hundreds of millions of dollars for large QSRs. In an industry where wait times have increased by about 30 seconds across the board, the opposite is true. Digital innovation is critical to minimizing ordering, payment, and pickup interactions issues thus allowing businesses to service more customers in a quicker and safer manner.

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