The Intersection of Digital Signage and Projection

The Intersection of Digital Signage and Projection

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Digital signage is a common sight, and it's becoming very difficult for it to stand out. Recent advances in digital signage technologies are providing exciting new user experiences. Evolution in projection has enabled digital signage designers to utilize projectors in more discreet locations for a truly eye grabbing display. Now digital signage designers can project onto unusual surfaces, and capture the viewer's imagination without limitations.

Power of Projection

Projection on glass is a fascinating way to captivate the viewer's imagination. Customers can absorb your messaging, while not disturbing the overall aesthetic of the storefront. Projection systems illuminate at about 2600 lumens, making washes bright and vibrant regardless of where they are being projected. Additionally, changes to the software, mapping and messaging don't require installing new equipment. These benefits will reduce costs, while allowing for greater flexibility. The ease of reconfigurability creates an almost immeasurable benefit.

Catch Your Eye

You can create a truly borderless experience without the physical limitations for reinforcement that an LED wall may require. The lighter weight also allows for more flexibility to hang the screens. This projection-based approach can lead to eye-catching digital signage at a fraction of LED's cost.

Minimal Upkeep

Maintenance, as well, has been completely addressed. Newer LED and laser-based projectors do not require maintenance to change out bulbs and clean filters. Both positioning and a borderless screen can contribute to vibrant projection-based solutions that enhance dwell time, make health protocols clear, and convey brand messaging. Click here for more digital signage resources.

Bottom line

Including projection-based solutions into your digital signage initiatives increases the likelihood of customers paying attention to the message you are trying to get across.

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