The Latest Digital Signage Products From Today's Top Brands (Part 2)

The Latest Digital Signage Products From Today's Top Brands (Part 2)

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Chief Tablet Stand Series

Chief recently released a series of tablet stand systems to reduce transmission of viruses in order to meet health and safety guidelines. Both floor and table stands offer peace of mind when entering businesses, workplaces, schools and other public places. The stand-alone mounting solutions support column-mounted tablets with temperature sensing up to 10 livres, or those with a VESA bolt size up to 15 livres, 75x75mm or 100x100mms.

Universal design features provide for easy upgrades in technology. All tablet stands feature integrated cable management, storage and device management for flexible installation and enhanced aesthetics. Lightweight and superior stability designs make it easy to move screens or install new screening locations.

Draper Foundation Mount System

Draper developed the Foundation Mount System which is a branded interface that connects the LED panel to their structure. This means there is no need for further cuts or modifications. LED panel slots minimize the amount of contact between LED modules as they are pushed into the final z-axis by a spring loaded support bolt. 

Aurora Multimedia TAVIS

Aurora's TAVIS is the first all-in-one infrared temperature-sensing tablet built in the US. TAVIS gives notifications within 1 second up to 5 feet (1.8 meters) away and can simultaneously scan two people to make sure people entering a location do not run at high temperature. TAVIS offers "Close Range Canthus scanning" temperature measurement.

Absen K Plus

For churches, schools, retail stores, lobbies and other vertical displays locations, the K Plus series is a high impact commercial indoor display solution. It features a number of benefits, including high contrast ratio, resolution and easy installation and maintenance. For this new era of digital signage, K Plus is the perfect price-performance mix.

Navori QL Access control

In compliance with the latest health regulations, QL Access Control is an addition to Navori's digital signage software, helping retailers and public areas monitor and secure entry and exit traffic. With the interactive digital signage and proprietary video tracking technology, QL Access Control automatically manages visitor traffic and allows users to customize content in conjunction with their specific location rules.

LG Portable A-Frame Display

LG's Portable A-Frame Display Solution combines a 32-inch webOS Signage display, an optional on-board battery, and either a folding or rolling base for easy relocation. The LG display is vertically mounted to match the width of the foundation and enables a non-intrusive positioning in foot transport areas.

Neoti Eco Series

Built to withstand the harshest elements of the environment, the Eco Series—an outdoor LED HD series—is ideal for billboards, outdoor signage, and other applications. 

Samsung 85-Inch Interactive

The Samsung 85-inch Interactive Display was created for hybrid and remote classroom and conferencing environments. The digital whiteboard features a smooth pen experience with brush mode, and up to 10 people can interact on the UHD display at the same time. The device can also sync with other connected devices and has mirroring capabilities, allowing remote workers and learners to make changes to the digital display in real time.

FSR Project Wall Box

Any application requiring a wall-mounted flat screen installation can be accommodated by FSR's cost-effective Project Wall Box (PWB) family. The units are designed to hide the clutter of dangling wires and cables, including FSR's Next-Generation 8K Digital Ribbon Cables, which allow high-speed, high-definition HDMI signal transmission over distances of up to 100 feet. With a variable-speed, temperature-controlled fan option that adds a layer of protection by keeping the expensive equipment cool while it's plugged in.

ViewSonic LD163-181

The ViewSonic LD163-181 is an all-in-one commercial LED monitor with direct view. It provides content without lines or distortion for one continuous picture and is made up of one main cabinet and multiple panels for easy installation. When each panel is mounted, it auto-configures and calibrates its position and setting values inside the monitor as a single device, removing the need for time-consuming configuration. 


Sony's latest BRAVIA series blends superior picture quality with versatility, accessibility, and ease of use. The compact, energy-efficient displays have improved picture quality and brightness, as well as a more powerful processor and support for both 2.4 and 5GHz WAP. They also have a SoC platform, Android operating system, and updated cosmetic features, such as new terminal locations, a flat bottom bezel, and a strengthened structure optimized for the B2B market. One Step Setting optimizes display settings for signage and meeting rooms, while Pro mode enables fast and simple customization to fit various environments.

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