The New Era of Digital Signage (Part 1)

The New Era of Digital Signage (Part 1)

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Digital Signage’s New Role

This time last year, digital signage was mainly used to welcome visitors and sell products. Now, it can display health and safety information and create calming art. Modern digital signage can take on a variety of roles, from welcoming visitors to displaying important health information. Delivering clear and easily usable information quickly and without physical contact is critical today.

Let’s take a look at how big companies are dealing with the post pandemic situation… 


TAVIS, an advanced temperature-sensing tablet from Aurora, supports contactless interviews through gesture-controlled responses, personalized digital signage/messaging and serves as the foundation for future growth. TAVIS also recognizes QR codes during the screening process for contactless identification. 

Additionally, Aurora's open control framework, ReAX, controls engine provides versatility and a completely customizable interface. Scanning a QR code developed by ReAX can be used to start contactless system control. This initiation enables the ReAX engine to monitor a cell phone-based environment. 


Prior to the pandemic, lobby video walls were mostly used for branding and messaging but now they are critical and original touch points for safety protocol and corporate reassurance. Similarly, as virtual demos take priority, experience centers will see a transition to more video wall use. As a diversion from the message and the ambiance of the environment, B2B customers have progressed toward technologies that reduce or remove the bezel as much as possible (RNB) or completely (DV LED). High-resolution direct-view LED, such as the LED XT series, are becoming increasingly popular as a video wall technology. The problem is that the market is being flooded with remnants of outdoor LED producers attempting to rapidly identify sales, which has added complexity to a far more sophisticated and dynamic market. LED is a high-end technology that necessitates a high-end approach and processing.


BrightSign has developed three new touchless solutions in order to minimize or eliminate physical contact with digital signage in the. BrightLink is a modern touchless solution for touch-interactive digital signage that removes the need for physical interaction. Customers can pass control of the experience to their phones by scanning a QR code and browsing or interacting with content as they usually would, removing the need for physical interaction. BrightMenu is based on the same BrightSign technology as BrightLink, but provides a one-way experience in which customers scan a QR code and receive the restaurant's menu on their mobile device. BrightVoice is a voice-activated digital signage solution that provides a special, hands-free interactive experience by enabling people to communicate with displays through custom conversations that begin with a wake word and end with natural voice commands to monitor on-screen playback. All of these solutions help businesses reopen securely, while adhering to safety and health guidelines.

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