URC Delivers High- Definition Sound Leadership

URC Delivers High- Definition Sound Leadership

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HARRISON, NY (September 8, 2020)URC®, a global leader in smart home automation and control for residential and commercial applications, today announced the launch and timing of its High-Definition Audio (HDA) product portfolio.

URC’s latest innovation in high-definition audio systems offers studio quality fidelity, easy installation and best-in-class dealer profit. HDA is scalable to fit any residential or commercial environment, easy-to-install with AVB network streaming, loaded with powerful features like ducking, full DSP and easy integration with URC’s Total Control® system.

URC’s HDA components are loaded with powerful features like efficient amplification up to 1200 watts per channel and 70 volts, 96 kHz/24-bit streaming, up to 8 stereo or 16 mono channel outputs, mic mixing, ducking, network audio sharing, full DSP and parametric EQ. It is expandable up to 32 zones and can store up to 10 .WAV files per device.

Available in components that easily fit any residential or commercial environment, HDA includes:

  • HDA-8100 Multi-Zone Amplifier
  • HDA-4100 Multi-Zone Amplifier
  • HDA-1600 Low-Z/70 Volt Amplifier
  • HDA-130 Single Zone Amplifier
  • HDA-SW5 Gigabit AVB Network Switch
  • HDA-IO Stream Adaptor

When combined with URC’s line of high-quality, in-ceiling and outdoor speakers, the studio quality, high-fidelity audio system is complete. URC’s speakers are professionally tuned and four times more efficient to install. With our proprietary clamping system and easy wire connectivity, these speakers are truly tool-less. Simply engage the clamps to drywall to lock the speaker in place.

“By launching our new HDA line, URC delivers on its tradition of continuous innovation and superior home automation solutions,” said Mr. Chang K. Park, URC Founder.  “Our goal is to deliver residential and commercial audio experiences that rival high-fidelity, concert experience.”

According to Lars Granoe, URC Vice President of Product Development, “Our development process combined the best listening features for consumers with easy installation and networking for our dealers. The rich sound paired with the overall speed and performance of Total Control are really impressing people, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring it to market.”

“Our dealers are a driving force in our success and our product innovation pipeline,” stated Park. “Residential and commercial consumers will now have a simple and efficient one-stop-shop for whole-house audio, robust networking and best-in-class control.”

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