What Will Retailtainment Look Like Post-Pandemic?

What Will Retailtainment Look Like Post-Pandemic?

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Bryan Meszaros recently talked with David Title, Partner at Bravo Media, a multi-platform creative studio focused on enhanced engagement through dynamic experiences. Meszaros and Title spoke about Title’s career, Bravo’s work, and retail during the pandemic and post-pandemic, including working on Krispy Kreme’s flagship store in Times Square.

While working on the project, they came across a lot of fresh donuts that had to be consumed. There’s nothing better than the Original Glaze, according to Title. They were fresh off the line. He just wishes the projects at Mercedes and Lincoln also offered free examples.

The first thing they jumped into was talking shop about work after the pandemic. Title’s team is starting to inquiries pick up, as more projects are picking up and businesses are starting to plan again. Aside from things being closed, there wasn’t much confidence in any sector, Title said. But, as things have gotten a bit more under control, they’re starting to look ahead. They even have a crew headed to Miami to work on a party activation.

One of the things he noticed during the pandemic is that people could still get everything they need online. There wasn’t an acquisition of stuff, but now that stores are open, what is the need for consumers to return to the store? Retailers will have to make shopping into something we do for the pleasure of being in the environment, Title said.

“We look at shopping as an entertainment, as a thing to do,” Title said. “As much as it is a way to acquire something, which is why a lot of people go shopping and come home with nothing.”

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