Why High-Resolution Screen Surfaces are Superior

Why High-Resolution Screen Surfaces are Superior

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Here are a top few reasons why high-resolution screen surfaces are superior to standard resolution screen surfaces.

The Sky's the Limit

Resolutions are continuing to get higher and higher thanks to technology advancements. For example, the HD Progressive screens are designed for today and tomorrows technology. 

Foolproof Investment

Are you sick of having to purchase a new TV every few years in order to get the latest technology? Well then, a projector screen may be exactly what you need. The HD Progressive screen surfaces are 16K ready when the market’s ready. Thus, you can buy and forget, and not worry about your current viewing platform becoming obsolete.

Quality + Size Matters

HD and 4k projectors are everywhere nowadays but that doesn’t mean you should get one. Most people don’t understand that in order to optimize the HD and 4k technology you need to have the right screen surface for 1080p/WUXGA/4K projectors. So before pulling the plug and buying a projector make sure you have the right surface.

Even Steven

HD Progressive surfaces allow even distribution of projected light for perfect image consistency. Now you can enhance your viewing and truly immerse yourself in a unique experience without any pixilation issues. 

Bottom Line

You can truly notice the difference in picture quality when using a high-resolution screen surface. The latest projectors and projection screens are created with cutting-edge technologies including large front or rear projection, foldable, ultra-short throw, laser projection, venue, acoustically transparent, short throw, standard lenses, and much more.

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