Top 5 AV Technology Trends to Watch in 2023

Top 5 AV Technology Trends to Watch in 2023

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Economists are stating that 2023 is expected to be a slower year for economic growth than 2022. But luckily, technology is always evolving and improving. Let’s look at some trends coming down the track for the AV industry and how companies can harness audio-visual technology to get ahead of the curve.


According to experts, the digital signage market will only see steady growth in 2023. In fact, the digital signage market size is projected to grow to USD 45.33 billion by 2030 at a 7.7% CAGR.

The newest generations—Gen Z and Millennials—are completely upturning customer journeys where they not only expect a 5-star service but also a seamless digital experience to go with it. Today, displays are being used everywhere - retail storefronts, LED video walls in restaurants, self-service kiosks in car dealerships - every industry benefits from leveraging digital signage technology. Every year digital signage solutions drop in price and grow in resolution, reliability, and availability.

Among other solutions, LED video walls are projected to be one of the most requested technologies in the audio-visual landscape in 2023. They’re versatile in setup and have a variety of uses.

With the rise of social media, e-commerce, and the Internet of Things it’s quite logical that digital signages are high on the priority list of businesses around the world. They are easily adaptable, the software that controls them constantly evolves according to the market needs, and the screens themselves get modified each year. 


Ever since COVID-19 first emerged, there has been an increase in demand for contact-free technology. From touch-free payment technologies to automated order kiosks and beyond, customers want a seamless and safe shopping experience that minimizes contact with surfaces and other shoppers.

For restaurants, creating a contactless or low-contact environment means thinking through all of the things customers and staff touch and interact with, from physical menus to door handles and payment devices. It also means looking at how close staff and guests need to be to effectively interact.

Touchless solutions in retail are also more than mere online shopping. Automated shopping and shipping facilities, AI-based product suggestions, self-checkout points, drop-off, and pickup stations to prevent human contact, digital payment options, virtual try-outs, contactless delivery tech, and the list goes on and on.

By implementing contactless, showing concern for your customers’ safety and comfort, and getting creative with other ways to engage, companies are giving their brands the opportunity to improve the overall customer experience now and in the future. 


The office of tomorrow will continue to evolve. With many employees expected to continue working fully remotely or at the very least, adopting a hybrid approach with hybrid meetings – the need to adapt AV and video conferencing into modern enterprises will be a must. Digital employee experience (DEX) will remain a focal point for digital workplace leaders as they attempt to use technology to attract talent, improve productivity, and promote employee engagement.

Among other solutions, interactive whiteboards and flipcharts are projected to see a significant increase in business demand in 2023.


There is an opportunity to curate more engaging and immersive content for any audience and any business need. This opportunity can be opened with a 3D holographic solution - another technology trend to watch in 2023.

HYPERVSN, the Integrated 3D Holographic Display Platform manufacturer, brings the latest revolutionary solutions to the digital signage market. A high-definition detailed 2D and 3D content, that appears to be floating in mid-air, completely reshapes the AV industry and changes the way people interact with digital content in the real world. HYPERVSN just recently launched a SmartV Digital Avatar, a brand new solution that allows 2-way interaction with a digitally rendered human avatar, bringing the Metaverse to the physical world.

With 3D Holograms, companies will be able to drive brand awareness, generate leads, and significantly boost emotional responses.


At the core of all the trends above from offices to healthcare is AI (artificial intelligence) and subsequently IOT (Internet of things). Already intertwined in our daily lives, this trend will only continue. According to IDC, worldwide  AI spending will top $500 billion in 2023, with software as the dominant investment area.

Smart rooms and devices with voice recognition are becoming the norm. Collaborative technology using a cloud system can allow employees to log into a virtual office or for students – to use a virtual classroom. In line with AI and using data analytics, this can lead to a more personal and streamlined experience for all involved. The UX of such platforms will only get more personal and effective with AI advancement. With the technology infrastructure, data science, and, creation simplified, businesses with great ideas can produce AI-powered products and services that enhance customer interactions.

Furthermore, AI through AV could also provide powerful marketing benefits. Imagining stopping outside a shop, looking at a digital sign, and being served a tailored remarketing ad specific to you? All because AI recognizes that you are present in real-time through your smartphone and you had previously looked at one of the shop’s products online. While that still might be far away- the tech capability is there to make it a reality.


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