Extron Launches SoundField Ceiling Tile Speaker
Extron is shipping the new SoundField SF 228T Plus, a two-way ceiling tile speaker for low impedance and 70-volt/100-volt systems. 
Bose Updates ControlSpace Designer and ControlSpace Remote Software
The v2.10 update to ControlSpace Remote includes improvements and bug fixes.
Structured Cabling Advantages for IT + Telecom

Find out why structured cabling is the future for IT and telecom.

The Future is Touchless
One positive outcome of Covid, a more touchless world.
Sharp/NEC Start Formally Marketing Smart Window Film

The conjoined display company has started formally marketing the projection on switchable glass solution.

Virtual Reality and AV Integration
Virtual Reality is no longer only for the consumer.
Tech Roundup: Wireless Microphone Systems 2021
Here are some of the latest examples of available hardware in this continuously evolving landscape.
Shure Expands Conferencing Solutions with Stem and Microflex Ecosystems
With the aim of expanding its conferencing solutions to a wider market, Shure is repositioning its offerings.
Structured Cabling System 101
The most efficient way to organize your business network cables and equipment is by having an organized cabling system that is planned and developed to meet your needs.
The Impact of Global Chip Shortages on ProAV

Industry leaders discuss the impact on ProAV.

Spicing Up Your Digital Signage
Looking for ways to spice up your digital signage to make it less boring but don’t know where to start? 
Extron Ships New Quantum Expansion Cards
Extron is shipping new Quantum Expansion IN and OUT cards engineered to simplify the design, integration, and operation of large video walls. 
Bose Videobar VB1 Review
The Bose Videobar VB1 is one of the latest introductions to the growing market for all-in-one communications solutions.
Benefits of ALR Screens
Are you thinking about making the switch to ALR screens?
Why High-Resolution Screen Surfaces are Superior
The latest projectors and projection screens are created with cutting-edge technologies making high-resolution screens a no brainer. 
Digital Projection's Radiance LED Achieves Quantum Ultra Videowall Systems Certification
The Quantum Ultra videowall processor offers high-performance features making it the perfect companion for a diverse array of display technologies. 
The Pros of Projector Screens
Here are the top 5 reasons you need a projector screen.
Martin Introduces VDO Atomic Bold Creative LED Hybrid Lighting Fixture
The VDO Atomic Bold looks to take its place as one of the most sophisticated hybrid LED fixtures on the market.
Sharp NEC Display Solutions Debuts NC2443ML RB Laser Projector

Featuring a built-in modular laser light source, maintenance-free operation and more, this next-generation projector offers unparalleled value.

Collaboration in the Post Covid World (Part 3)
AV managers are looking for solutions that are simple to install, maintain, track, and, most importantly, easy to utilize.
LG Lights Up Your World with New OLED TV Campaign
Today’s brands are more challenged than ever as they try to find the perfect message for a demanding audience.